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Zen Kubota (玖保田ゼン) is a main character in Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. His title is Farmer of Wrath (憤怒の農家 fundo no nōka).

In the Japanese dub he is voiced by Mitsuki Saiga. In the English dub, he is voiced by Sean Chiplock (child Zen), and Alan Lee (adult Zen).

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A farmer who works deep in the mountains, and knows more about survival than the average person. Contrary to his cute face, he's cynical and often makes fun of others[1]. Zen's favourite food is sweet things, he dislikes sour things, and he is allergic to fish.

Name EtymologyEdit

Zen's surname, Kubota (玖保田), uses the kanji 玖 "ku" which is the form of the number nine used in legal documents and is associated with the suffering due to it being a homonym for the word 苦 ("ku", meaning suffering), 保 "bo" which means "protect", 田 "ta" which means "rice field". Kubota is also the name of a well known farm equipment manufacturer based in Japan. His first name Zen (ゼン) is written in katakana so the kanji reading of his name is unknown, but likely refers to the Zen school of Buddhism.


Zanki Zero Design Sheets - Zen Kubota 1
As a 25-year old young adult Zen has violet eyes and chin-length pale mauve hair with bangs which meet between his eyes. He wears denim overalls which are rolled up and cuffed half-way up his calf, and only buttoned on one shoulder with the other strap hanging loose around his thighs. Underneath he wears a black undershirt with a pink heart logo on his sleeve with "FARM" written underneath it. He wears black laced work boots, white gardening gloves,
Zanki Zero Design Sheets - Zen Kubota 2
a sun hat which he hangs off his back by a tie around his neck, and a short white silk scarf with a blue pattern featuring the Japanese kanji 田 which means "rice field". As a child, his hair is ear length and he wears a sailor school uniform with shorts. In old age, his hair is chin-length and white and wears the same outfit as his young adult self. In the swimsuit DLC, Zen is shirtless and wears an unzipped pastel green hoodie with a white sprouting plant symbol on the lapel.



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