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Yuma Mashiro (真白ユマ) is a main character in Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. Her title is Heiress of Gluttony (暴食のお嬢様 bōshoku no ojōsama).

In the Japanese Dub she is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu. In the English dub she is voiced by Cristina Vee.

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Before Humanity's CollapseEdit

At age 25, Yuma was the only daughter of Renji Mashiro (真白レンジ) the owner of the world famous enterprise known as the Mashiro Group.


Yuma is a woman who is very aware of her heiress status as the only daughter of the founder of a powerful business group and the fact that her family is incredibly wealthy. As a result, she is quick to look down on and judge others and prone to making sharp-tongued, often cruel, comments that are worded in such a way that people initially think she must be joking. Because she was born into wealth and used to having servants and delegates her motto is "if you work, you lose", but while trapped on the island she realises she has to work if she wants to eat. She does not like to have a debt to anyone, and promises massive sums of money to the other survivors on the island in exchange for small tasks like sharing their food. Yuma is extremely conscious of the lack of food on the island and prizes it highly. She considers maintaining her physique a high priority and is proud of her "child-bearing hips". Yuma's favourite food is fish dishes and there is no food which she dislikes, but she is allergic to potatoes.

Name EtymologyEdit

Yuma's surname, Mashiro (真白), uses the kanji 真 "ma" which means "pure" and 白 "shiro" which means "white". According to Zanki Zero director Takayuki Sugawara the name "Mashiro" was chosen because of her "marshmallow-like" body[1]. Her first name Yuma (ユマ) is written in katakana so the kanji reading of her name is unknown.





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