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Ryo Mikajime (三花締リョウ) is a main character in Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. His title is Artist of Envy (嫉妬の芸術家 shitto no geijutsuka).

In the Japanese dub he is voiced by Toshihiko Seki. In the English dub he is voiced by Khoi Dao.

Image GalleryEdit

For Ryo's image gallery, see: Ryo Mikajime/Gallery


Before Humanity's CollapseEdit

At age 25, Ryo was a young and upcoming kinbaku (緊縛) bondage artist. He participated in rope binding of people and took photographs of the scenes. He displayed the photographs alongside objects he had bound in art galleries and sold many of the pieces to a wide variety of people, However his artwork did not pay well and so he supplemented his income by working as a magazine photographer for subjects like fashion and food. Ryo did not consider the magazine photography his real profession and instead considers himself a bondage artist first and foremost.


Ryo is a cheerful guy with a positive outlook who is well-liked by those around him. He is a kinbaku (緊縛) bondage artist who is very interested in the modern art scene in general, but is extremely passionate about rope bondage of both people and objects, to the point of wearing permanent turtleshell rope binding (亀甲縛り) underneath his clothing. Ryo always carries an instant camera with him on his hip, and uses it to take photographs of his human bondage subjects which he then displays as artworks. Ryo is not interested in rope bondage for the pornographic or S&M aspects of rope bondage, and is instead motivated by how bondage can be an artistic medium for sexuality in general. In addition to bondage, one of Ryo's other hobbies is playing video games and reading manga, in particular the manga "The Legend of the Violent Ninja Mitsuo" (暴力忍者伝説ミツオ). Ryo's favourite food is seafood dishes, he dislikes vegetables, and he is allergic to oil-based dishes.

Name EtymologyEdit

Ryo's surname, Mikajime (三花締) uses the kanji 三 "mi" which is the numeral for three, 花 "ka" meaning "flower", 締 "jime" meaning "tie up" or "tighten", so his surname can be read as "three flowers tied up", likely refering to his bondage based artwork. His first name Ryo (リョウ) is written in katakana so the kanji reading of his name is unknown.


Zanki Zero Design Sheets - Ryo Mikajime 1
Ryo has amber eyes and long green hair which he wears tucked into a wide red headband and parted to his right side. The headband is accessorised with a diamond shaped pin. He wears a low-cut white v-neck shirt with a diamond pattern on it under a short sleeved red hoodie with a grey hood. He wears grey harem pants that are cuffed at his mid-calf and sandals made of red rope with black soles. Underneath his clothing Ryo has tied himself in turtleshell binding (亀甲縛り) with red rope. He wears a camera tied to his hip with leather strap, and he wears bracelets on each wrist. His left ear lobe is pierced and he wears a gold hoop earring.

Zanki Zero Design Sheets - Ryo Mikajime 2
As a child, Ryo wears a school sailor uniform with shorts and his hair is chin length. As an older adult, Ryo wears the same outfit as his young adult self, but his hair is significantly shorter and faded, and he has a short green goatee. As an old man Ryo also wears his young adult outfit but is bald, has long white eyebrows, is missing several teeth, and his goatee is white and chest-length.




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