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WARNING: This page contains spoilers for Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. Proceed at your own risk.

"To fight... To choose... To face and accept my own past. That's what I'm afraid of... To such a degree it even confuses myself. That's why...when someone else's personal history was exposed...and they had to face their past...I was secretly relieved. But deep down, I knew I was only putting it off. I knew that, eventually, my turn would come too. I need to fight. I need to make my own decisions on what to do. Because...I remembered who I should be fighting." ― Rinko Susukino

Rinko Susukino (芒野リンコ Susukino Rinko?) is a main character in Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. Her title is Florist of Lust (色欲の花屋 shikiyoku no hanaya?).

In the Japanese dub, she is voiced by Haruka Yoshimura in Japanese. In the English dub, she is voiced by Xanthe Huynh as a child, and Ryan Bartley as an adult.


Rinko has collarbone-length red-brown hair that is tied in low pigtails with bangs hanging on the right side and dark green eyes.


Rinko is a hard worker with a very helpful and kind personality, but is also a bit of an airhead. Due to the nature of her work, she knows flowers and flower language very well, and judges Ryo Mikajime to be a "Cactus-like person."[1] She's also noted to be a rather cautious person [2].

Beneath her gentle exterior and friendly disposition however lies an inner dark side to her like many other survivors. Being the Florist of Lust, she had willingly had multiple sexual partners throughout her life in order to seek protection. This had inflicted a sense of guilt within Rinko for her short sighted solutions.


Before Humanity's Collapse[]

Rinko as a child was admitted into Kaiyo Academy as part of Mashiro City's subsidies that allow less fortunate children to attend the school. During a day where she was being bullied by two other girls, she would be saved by the Garage kids led by Sachika. Becoming friends with them, they would find themselves cornered by the serial killer Yosuke Kurosaki. He offers the kids a choice to choose who will die and Rinko chose Sachika believing she wouldn't be picked. Sachika then got killed by Kurosaki right in front of their eyes. The memories of this event later got erased to prevent PTSD and Rinko was removed from Kaiyo Academy.

In Rinko's youth, she was bullied by other school girls in her middle school years. In order to stave off the bullies countless harassment she agreed to be a honey trap for them. Going to her teacher, she agrees to have sex with him in exchange for relief from the bullying of others. After her graduation from middle school to high school, news of her infidelity would spring up with her boyfriend who proceeds to break up with her. No sooner after her breakup, she would end sleeping with another boy in her class for protection.

At age 25, Rinko was a woman who worked at her parents' flower shop. When Mamoru learned about the truth of his sister Sachika's demise at the hands of Rinko and her friends in her youth, she was led to a motel where she was abducted by Mamoru along with the other Garage kids.

Arriving on Garage Island[]

When Rinko awoke on the island, she was unable to deal with the sudden change of the conditions around her and seems to be stricken with considerable panic. As with the other survivors, she quickly learned that they had all found themselves on Garage Island with all their belongings stolen and an x-shaped button attached to their belly button. The group surmised that they must have been kidnapped to appear in some kind of reality TV show.


  • The name Rinko is written in katakana and therefore has no known kanji reading.
  • Rinko's surname Susukino means "miscanthus sinensis grass" (芒) (susuki) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no), which can be read as "susuki grass field" (芒野 susukino?).
    • Additionally, Susukino is the name of a famous red-light district in Sapporo, Japan which likely links with her title of "Florist of Lust."


  • Rinko's favorite food is meat dishes, she dislikes mushrooms and she is allergic to tomatoes.



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