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NEW GAME+ (The invisible game of fate) (NEW GAME+ ~まだ見ぬ君へ~) is the ending theme of Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. It is performed by Kanon Wakeshima. The song was composed and arranged by Naoki Chiba (also known by their handle "naotyu-"). The English lyrics were composed by Mayu Wakisaka, and the Japanese lyrics were composed by Wakeshima.


In Japan, the song was physically released on July 5th, 2018 as part of the 15-track ZANKI ZERO SPECIAL SOUNDTRACK CD (スペシャルサウンドトラック CD) which was included with all pre-order copies of Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. The song was also released digitally on July 5th, 2018 as part of the 50-track ZANKI ZERO SPECIAL SOUNDTRACK EXTEND Ver, a digital soundtrack released in the Zanki Zero: Last Beginning digital limited edition bundle Zanki Zero Extend Edition (ザンキゼロ エクステンド-EDITION-).

English Version[]

The English version is titled NEW GAME+ (The invisible game of fate) and plays during the end credits of the game.

Short Version Lyrics[]

See the sunshine and blue sky above
And feel the summer wind
Everybody is singing like
This is the time of their life
When the scent of the smoke is up in the air
I feel the gentle flame of our fate
Again and again
Dreaming of tomorrow

From that day
We've shared all our vision
There are times when
I know fears are taking us over
Go ahead
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Let's be strong
Let's go far
Let's just walk on

Now your journey is just at the beginning
And what is driving you is the precious memory
Haven't met you but one thing I'm sure is that
You're there for the future

Love and fear that you taught me I'll never let go
Oh I know I am not alone
We can be together
Forever, forever
We'll be bonded in the invisible game of fate

Japanese Version[]

The Japanese version of the song is titled NEW GAME+ ~まだ見ぬ君へ~ (lit. NEW GAME+ ~To you, whom I haven't met yet~). The Japanese version can be accessed from the in-game BGM menu after the player has defeated the final boss on the highest difficulty setting.