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WARNING: This page contains spoilers for Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. Proceed at your own risk.

Monkey Tree House Village (猿山ツリーハウスビレッジ) is the second floating ruin featured in Chapter 2 of Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. It rembles the place where the parents of Zen Kubota worked.


The following maps are originally from the Japanese Zanki Zero Strategy Wiki.

1st Floor[]

This floor is the South Campsite (キャンプ場・南)

Monkey Tree House Village 1st Floor Map.jpg

2nd Floor[]

This floor is the North Campsite (キャンプ場・北 )

Monkey Tree House Village 2nd Floor Map.jpg

3rd Floor[]

This floor is the Tree House's Lodging area (木の家・宿泊施設)

Monkey Tree House Village 3rd Floor Map.jpg

4th Floor[]

This floor is a Corridor in the Tree House (木の家・緑の回廊)

Monkey Tree House Village 4th Floor Map.jpg

5th Floor[]

This floor houses the Tree House's Banquet Hall (木の家・宴会場)

Monkey Tree House Village 5th Floor Map.jpg


Original Building[]

Floating Ruin[]

Wrath Part 1: Moving to the Country[]

Wrath Part 2: The Tree House and the Room of Secrets[]

Wrath Part 3: Funeral []

Wrath Part 4: The Raging Forest[]

Wrath Part 5: Welcome the Newlyweds[]

Wrath Part 6: A Fluttering Heart and Foreboding[]

Wrath Part 7 (End): The Monkey-Trainer Monkey[]


Moving into the Tree House?[]

  • All Characters must be alive

Bondage Forest []

  • All Characters must be alive
  • Ryo and Yuma must be adults

Farms and Weed Removal[]

  • Zen, Ryo, Mamoru, Minamo, and Sachika must be alive