Juicedup14’s spoilers

(Spoilers for the game!!!]

Juicedup20 on twitch has expressed dislike for this game, that in itself isn’t the problem, it’s the fact he’s determined to spoil it for people in the game’s trailer content YouTube comment sections, by replying to simple questions with late game spoilers, and leaving some comments without any spoiler warnings. I personally reached out to him on twitch, asking him to refrain from attacking people who did do him no fault by ruining the game so that they wouldn’t buy it, he refused, expressing how it’s his right as someone who regrets playing the game to take action so that it’s sales would drop. I spent around 30 minutes trying to make him understand that he’s robbing people of their fair right to play the game without any spoilers to ruin their experience, then he started lashing out on me with insults, he simply thinks he is within his rights to take revenge on the game for not suiting his tastes.

So please, what I’m asking of you is to take action against him, he can’t ruin a game for others simply for his desire to see it burn for not being made for his preference, he is entitled to his own opinion, as we and other people are to our own.

(These are screenshots from our conversations and the comments he left on the YouTube videos)

Link: https://m.imgur.com/a/YLc54wv

(Note that I have Youtube’s Dark background color)

(Spoilers for the game)